The productivity experiment III
Time is a flat circle
The productivity experiment II
Death by sitting
The productivity experiment I
Know thyself
Vim adventures IV
Bits of conf, pieces of thoughts
Vim adventures III
xcode workflow integration
Vim adventures II
Extravaganza - All the plugins !
Vim adventures I
Lessons learned from an expedition into the dark side of the shell
Twitter optimization
How to hit the ground running.
Proto-trippin with my two favourite allies
The benefits of prototyping in software development, and more particularly game development, are well documented.
UML - An old acquaintance long forgotten
Yesterday I experienced a moment of involuntary memory Proust would have been proud of. In this case, rather than the "episode of the madeleine", it was the much nerdier "episode of the UML".
2014 awards
A great year for Irrelevant Fish
The summer is over
We got some busy months ahead of us.
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