JigZen is an atmospheric jigsaw puzzle app for iOS. Relaxing and intuitive due to its unique table and drawer system, it is sure to bring a little calm relaxation to your busy day.

Sands is a customizable timing app for OSX, with an optimized layout designed to maximize your efficiency.

It can be used as your task scheduler, project reporting facility and hourly billing calculator, making it the perfect tool for freelancers.

Primal Flame is an arcade action game for iOS, in which the player controls fire while immersed in a poetic world of light.

Universally well received by critics and players, the game has an averaging rating of 4.5 stars, and was featured by Apple in the US, Chinese and UK app stores.

S.A.M.B is a delivery management app for Android, designed for internal use at a timber delivery firm.

Employees can access their daily deliveries and record their journeys. Customers can sign for their delivery using the app.

Cinext is a movie streaming app for iOS which allows users to view movies at a specified time, simulating a live 'movie premier' experience.

An integrated chat facility allows users to communicate while viewing the film.

A beautifully animated timer for iOS, Clear Timer is the perfect aid for timing any activity, from cooking a complex meal to work task timing.

Noir Noisette is a virtual portfolio app for iOS which allows users to create and update demo's of their designs or products for presentations to potential clients.

Athenee is an iOS app which allows users to view currently running shows at the Athenee theatre, read news and reviews of upcoming shows and reserve tickets for chosen dates.