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Free, with in-app purchases

For the time trackers

Sands is an elegant time management app for tracking projects. Uniquely, it allows you to create and use your very own tailor-made productivity techniques.

For the life hackers

Sands is designed to assist you in finding your peak productivity. Advanced interval timers will help you protect your health, maintain focus and boost your willpower.

For the task jugglers

Visualize the progress of your project over time and export easily to pdf/csv. You can even add your hourly rate and Sands will generate an invoice.

For the perfectionists

Sands can be tuned exactly to your liking with settings like notifications, audio clues and idle detection. You can even customize the theme and transparency.

For the flow seekers

Sands features the 'Focus 90' work cycle, an exclusive technique born out of years of experimentation in optimizing focus without compromising health. For more details click here.

For the freelancers

Created by freelance developers, Sands strives to remain simple while providing the functionalities needed of your freelance business.