When it comes to a new venture, developing a social media presence is a chicken and egg thing. It’s difficult to see the benefits of producing marketing content if nobody is going to see it.

Over the last couple of years Twitter users have evolved and their behavior has adapted to the medium. Amongst the mass of unknown Twittos there is an unsaid “I follow you, you follow me” rule.

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Because It seemed like a fair deal, I decided to give it a go.

The sweet spot

After a few weeks of experiments, this is what worked the best.

It is important to remember not to make this a limitation to your productivity. The whole point of this after all is to have a tool to give your creations some visibility.

Every now and then unfollow the people who have uninteresting accounts that do not follow you. Managerfilter is a handy tool for this as you can unfollow people faster, sort them by influence, ratio etc. By the way, you will receive a lot of DMs, the mobile app seems to be the fastest way to clean up your DM box.


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Ultimately it’s about having a profile that says: I will post some interesting stuff and I will retweet some of your posts. If you nail these 2 points Twitter will start being an interesting tool to share content in.

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